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I come from a family of early risers. So, it’s nothing to me to be dressed, sipping coffee, and opening my laptop by five. Winters, I enjoy being cocooned by the morning darkness. For a radiant warmth, I light a fire in our Kachelofen.

Writing by a warm fire

In the seasons when the sun rises earlier than I do, the birds outside my window keep me company, the blackbird and her mate, the finches, the sparrows, and the tits. From my desk, I watch the flowers chronical the months. Forsythia, primroses, and the blossoms on the fruit trees, plum, cherry, and apple. In the beds, forget-me-nots and rosemary, calendula and foxgloves, peonies and lilies, roses and lavenders all bud, blossom, and go to seed. When the neighbor’s cat comes crouching after the lizards sunning themselves on my deck, I open a window to startle him off.

View from desk
View from my desk: primroses

When at work creatively, I write short literary fiction. At other hours of the day, I write, translate, and edit content for all sorts of projects—from social media campaigns to product brochures and company websites—an altogether different art of fiction. Otherwise, you’ll find me with my family or friends, traveling, or simply taking a walk along the Rhine—where I might be right now.

Rhiihof am Rhii