Extreme grief visits my family right now. The loss of a brilliant and loving daughter and sister leaves my brother, his wife, and son reeling. The loss of a kind and inspiring granddaughter and niece leaves a grandmother, grandfather, step-grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins dizzy with heartsick. The loss of a loving and fierce, brave and generous friend and colleague creates endless pain.

Rest in Peace, darling Amy Elizabeth Wadley. You leave behind echoes of laughter and memories of warm hugs. Your wise, supportive words and loving gestures continue to comfort. Each of us privileged to know, meet, work with or be tended by you is left with a broken heart. Too many hearts aching. The love you shared and that shown through you will shine on.

Amy, what you wanna do? I think, I could stay with you for awhile maybe longer if I do . . . (from Pure Prairie League, Amie)

2 thoughts on “Grief”

  1. Oh, Meredith 😦 I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family are able to grieve together and share stories about Amy — it sounds like there are many good ones from a live well-lived and cut far too short.

    Sending you deepest condolences


    1. Thank you, Laura. Amy led an incredible life, from performing on stage, to working on Alaskan salmon boats, fighting fires, building wilderness trails, and caring for the sick and injured as a nurse. Just weeks before her accident, she was commended for responding to a skier in distress that she and a friend spotted from a Mt. Baker ski lift—the man had suffered cardiac arrest. Amy’s irreplaceable, and the shock of losing her is unimaginable.


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